Penis Health: Exercises to Do With a Partner

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Men’s health in general is important; even more so the health and well-being of his favorite tool. And just as exercises are a crucial ingredient in maintaining overall health, so are targeted exercises necessary to properly maintain penis health. But whereas full body workouts can be onerous for some, exercising the penis can be quite enjoyable – especially when a “workout buddy” is added into the mix.

Exercises to try

“Use it or lose it” is a rule that applies to the penis; and some men may feel that simply engaging in any kind of sex is all the exercise their organ needs. But taking a somewhat more focused approach in terms of exercises can not only help keep the phallus in shape, but also provide a bonding experience with a mate. With that in mind, here are several two-on-one (that is, two people on one penis) exercises to consider.

- Edging it. Many men often “edge” when masturbating – that is, they masturbate until they are very close to ejaculation, then stop for a few moments. After the urge has subsided, they masturbate to near the breaking point again – then stop again. Repeating this helps to build up stamina, and some guys can edge for hours on end before ejaculating. So why not try letting one’s partner join in? The partner can stimulate in whatever way they desire – manual, oral, or penetrative – and at the rate they desire. The man needs to merely give enough notice to stop.

- Timing it. Many partners would like their man to last a little longer, and this exercise may help in that area. The partners set a minimum goal to keep from ejaculating – say, fifteen minutes. During that time, the partner provides stimulating attention to the penis, but without letting the man release. The one being stimulated therefore must communicate, letting the partner know when to slow down, when to stop for a moment, what feels good, what doesn’t, etc. This exercise is good for the penis and good for communicating and sharing knowledge, as well.

- Doubling it. The partner stimulates the penis as intensely as possible, with the goal of bringing about an ejaculation as fast as possible. As soon as the orgasm is over, the partner then engages in another round of stimulation, but stretching it out to see how long it takes for a second release.

- Avoiding it. All this focus on stimulating the penis is great – but don’t neglect the areas surrounding it. One fun exercise is for the partner to see what reactions they can get from directing attention to the testicles, the crotch surrounding the penis, the perineum and the posterior. Stimulating these sensitive areas can indirectly work out the penis.

- Using a light touch. “Death grips” are common when masturbating, but they can be de-sensitizing. For a change, ask a partner to stimulate the penis using only a light touch. After achieving an erection, the partner should avoid any tight grip. Instead, they should blow on the organ, lightly stroke it with fingertips or run a silk scarf back and forth across it.

- Topping off. For most men, the underside of the penis is more sensitive than the top. For a change of pace, asking a partner to concentrate almost exclusively on the top of the penis will create new sensations and give the organ a slightly different kind of workout.

Exercises, especially with a partner, can get the blood flowing in the manhood and maintain proper penis health. Of course, any exercise routine also brings about some soreness, and that can be true in this case, as well. Regular use of a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is necessary to keep that soreness at bay. Re-hydrating the penis, especially after a very intensive session, can be achieved by using a crème that contains both a high end emollient (shea butter is excellent) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E, for example). A crème with L-arginine, an enzyme which helps keep blood vessels open, can help with penis blood flow as well, which hastens the healing process.